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NFR: Spring Cleaning 1

Well it’s time to start the old spring cleaning.  This is my frist go at this in our home, so I had to make sure I did it right (and documented it so that I don’t get lazy in years to come)! 

I decided to start a little early and do a little each weekend.  This way I wouldn’t get too overwhelmed.  I began by hanging two pieces in our bedroom that had been sitting around for quite some time…

First was this candle-holder wall art I bought (gasp) last summer originally for the living room.  Doesn’t it look nice (and romantic) above our headboard?  Hubs insisted we get the batter operated tealights though (bummer).

Second was this photo frame of some of our wedding pictures that hubs surprised me with on Christmas.  We found a home for it. 

Now onto the serious business.  I started with the bathroom.  Our house is old and the previous owners gutted and redid everything EXCEPT this bathroom (and the basement).  I don’t get it.  Anyway, we can’t afford to totally redo it now, but we replastered the walls before we moved in and painted them.  It’s a big improvement, however I never feel I can get it totally sparkling clean.  Today was the day.  I turned on my iPod, put on my yellow rubber gloves, and got to work.  Well, after 2 hours (which is ghastly considering the size of this tiny bathroom), I’m pretty satisfied. 

Here’s what I did:
-scrubbed the tub, sink, floor
-wiped down the walls, door frames, window frame
-shined all fixtures
-dusted and cleaned the light fixture
-laundered the shower curtain, liner, rug and decorative towels (they’re still drying)
-weeded and cleaned out the medicine cabinet
-cleaned the over the toilet cabinet
-mopped the floor
-dusted and cleaned the mini blinds (even though we’re getting new window treatments)
-cleaned and disinfected the toilet


Now onto my regularly scheduled cleaning…oy.

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